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Active ingredient: estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate
ATC Code: G03AA14

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Level of Satisfaction 57%

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Effectiveness 100%
Quantity of side effects 46%
Severity of side effects 33%
Ease of use 96%

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03/01/2022 | | 25moderated by Philip
estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate (1,5/2,5MG) for Contraception / birth control

Zoely worked great as a birth control pill, but without even realising it at first, it started to change me. I felt depressed for the first few months, which luckily went away. My libido was very low. My brain felt fuzzy like I wasn't really paying full attention.
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25/10/2021 | | 27moderated by Charlotte
estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate (1,5/2,5MG) for Contraception / birth control

Love love love this pill! I was on Levlen ED for 6 months and it was the worst time of my life - literally an emotional cyclone of uncontrollable hell with breakthrough bleeding and lowered libido. I then went to Yaz, which was a little better on the mood swings comparatively - libido was the same. And then my Gyno recommend Zoely and oh, HOT DAMMMMMMMN! So so so grateful I ignored the bad revi...
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21/08/2021 | | 23moderated by Philip
estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate (1,5/2,5MG) for Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

I've tried 3 different pills before Zoely and it was hell. Mood swings, nausea, more acne etc. However, i've had no problems with Zoely, especially in terms of mood. My periods are also shorter which is a plus.
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23/05/2021 | | 50moderated by Henry
estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate (1,5/2,5MG) for Menopause

This pill made my vagina smell strange and I discontinued using it. When I stopped taking Zoely the smell stopped as well. Very strange. I have tried a lot of contraceptives and never had this issue before.
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10/08/2020 | | 40moderated by Susan
estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate (1,5/2,5MG) for Endometriosis

Since I started taking Zoely a month ago I have had severe cognitive impairment to the point of being unable to function, visuo-spatial impairment and problems with vision in general, I feel like I have jet lag from a 24 hour while also being drunk. My eyes are sore all the time and I feel like my eye balls have weights in them. Additional side effects: extreme lethargy, depression, mood swings...
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21/12/2016 | | 26moderated by Charlotte
estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate (1,5/2,5mg) for contraception / birth control

Hormones and I don’t agree very well, but this gives me zero problems. Very easy to use and except for 3 times haven’t had a period in 21 months.
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29/09/2016 | | 41moderated by Susan
estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate (1,5/2,5mg) for abnormal vaginal blood loss

Really heavy periods without contraceptives. I really struggle with the hormones (anxiety/panic/depression). I've certainly noticed that it's a bit better than with other pills. But the best thing is no more periods!! Still having a few hot flushes. Only used 2 strips so maybe I still need to get used to it a bit.
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