Real world evidence in healthcare is an independent website which gives patients and their experiences with conditions, medication, treatments and medical devices the importance they deserve. Reviews provided by patients about their medical experiences are the baseline of our platform. The website is optimized for patients and allows a patient to quickly and easily access valuable real-world data or to contact peers. is a product of Insight Pharma Services BV, a data-company based in the Netherlands and founded by a pharmacist. Insight Pharma Services BV runs the biggest medical review platform in Europe with millions of visitors every year. It contains the largest medical dataset with a bottom-up approach.  
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Highlights from 2019

  • New design for the current platform, a modern look that is clearer and easier to follow. Now it is also possible to see for each medicine whether genes influence the processing of a medicine in the body. (15/03/2019)

Highlights from 2018

  • Our first DNA test about the effect that our genes have on medication is available! Check the United Kingdom or Portugal websites for more information. (25/11/2018)
  • now available in Australia. (27/09/2018)
  • Our mini-research on our European websites shows that there is great interest in a DNA test: 90% of our 5,000 respondents want to know how their genes influence their use of medication and/or their risk of disease. (11/09/2018)
  • now available in Brasil. (05/09/2018)
  • now available in United Kingdom. (05/09/2018)
  • now available in Portugal. (06/07/2018)
  • Brand new version of our platform with a worldwide focus and available at (09/05/2018)

Highlights from 2017

Highlights from 2016

Articles from 2015 and before

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