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10/08/2020 | | 40moderated by Susan
estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate (1,5/2,5MG) for Endometriosis

Since I started taking Zoely a month ago I have had severe cognitive impairment to the point of being unable to function, visuo-spatial impairment and problems with vision in general, I feel like I have jet lag from a 24 hour while also being drunk. My eyes are sore all the time and I feel like my eye balls have weights in them. Additional side effects: extreme lethargy, depression, mood swings, acne, a constant headache, and insomnia. I started taking it in the morning and was so impaired I had to take a week off work, so I switched to taking it at night hoping it would help with the tiredness, it didn't. I stopped taking it today and will be seeing my doctor for a medication review this week. The only good thing about this is that I have had zero spotting or endometriosis pain while taking it, however, the side effects are so extreme that I can't function in daily life - I'd rather be in crippling pain from endometriosis that's how bad the side effects are.

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