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Also known as:
major depressive disorder (mdd)
ICD10/11 Code: F31
ICD10/11 Group: F00-F99, Mental and behavioural disorders
Bipolar disorder
Also known as: major depressive disorder (mdd)
ICD10/11 Code: F31, ICD10/11 Group: F00-F99, Mental and behavioural disorders


Disease burden 50%

What patients say...

Impact on emotional state 62%
Level of control 25%
Level of complaints 75%
Impact on diet 75%
Financial impact 75%

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Bipolar disorder
05/04/2021 | | 59moderated by Henry
major depressive disorder (mdd)

Life on a daily basis is purely black and white and not a colourful break to break the bleakness of bipolar disorder and the over whelming feeling of impending doom is only a heartbeat away,I'm 59 and first episode began as a 8 year child, and in some respects it was and still is an extremely taboo subject.
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20/07/2017 | | 32moderated by Susan
sertraline hydrochloride (100mg) for bipolar disorder

Lots and lots of sexual side effects (not able to climax, no libido) and ultimately the switch for hypomania.
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01/06/2017 | | 58moderated by Susan
quetiapine fumarate (100mg) for bipolar disorder

I was offered this to help keep me calm. The retard version helped me to sleep better, took it at 9pm, but it also meant I was really groggy the next day. That's why I switched to the short-action version which lasts for 7 hours.
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22/05/2017 | | 52moderated by Philip
paroxetine hydrochloride anhydrous (20mg) for bipolar disorder

because of severe depression with delusions, the psychologist gave me paroxetine. back then we didn't know I was bipolar. it helped really well and quickly with the depression but there were lots of side effects like weight gain and sleepiness. if you are depressed you don't mind these side effects because there is nothing worse than being depressed. but it stopped working after 6 years. at tha...
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22/05/2017 | | 52moderated by Susan
venlafaxine hydrochloride (150mg) for bipolar disorder

started on venlafaxine for deep depression. I'd stopped sleeping. in the first week I started sleeping normally again. it only worked for the depression after about 7 weeks. so be patient. now and then I still get episodes of hypomania but that's controlled with oxazepam. really happy with this medicine. I used paroxetine first but it made the hypomania much worse.
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21/05/2017 | | 39moderated by Henry
quetiapine fumarate (200mg) for bipolar disorder

At the age of 38 I discovered I had a type 2 bipolar disorder. For that reason, I've been takin 20 mg spiralexa for 3.5 years. I have still had lots of manic episodes and severe depression. Last year in May I started on Lambipol, up to 200 mg. Unfortunately I was just not coming out of my depressive episode and I was only sleeping 2 hours a night. I've recently started on quetiapine, the generi...
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Priadel 200mg prolonged release tablets.

02/05/2017 | | 53moderated by Charlotte
lithium carbonate (400mg) for bipolar disorder

I've been using priadel since September last year. It has had a noticeable effect on my mood and depressive phases are now almost non-existent. But I do struggle with the side effects. Since I started taking it, I've put on over 10 kg even though my eating habits haven't changed at all, on top of that I have shaking hands, I'm sometimes unsteady on my feet, tired, breathlessness, no sexual urge...
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Priadel 200mg prolonged release tablets.

20/06/2016 | | 57moderated by Henry
lithium carbonate (400mg) for bipolar disorder

Following serious treatment with Depakine (and denial of the diagnosis) I opted to use lithium (Priadel). I was concerned that I would suffer the side-effects when I was exercising and therefore sweating. But my therapist set my mind at rest. As well as medication, I have also adjusted my work commitments and learned to recognise the signals that my body is close to its limits. After starting, ...
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