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  • Is independent? Who is responsible for is a product of Insight Pharma Services BV. Insight Pharma Services is completely independent and is not affiliated with any other parties within the medical and pharmaceutical worlds.

  • What kind of company is IPS?

    Insight Pharma Services was established by a pharmacist in 2008 with the aim of supporting patients in their use of medication. It gives the information surrounding drugs a new perspective by considering the point of view of the patient. The focus is on what really happens during the use of a certain medication and this is what allows the patient to play a crucial role. This focus is the basis for all activities at Insight Pharma Services and is why we concentrate on medical and pharmaceutical knowledge.

  • What is the objective of

    We aim to support the user whilst they are taking their medication, using a medical device, following a treatment or when suffering from a condition by posting experiences on the website. So, the user and their experiences are the center point.
    Every experience reflects how each particular user experiences or interprets it. Naturally the effect of any given medication, medical device or treatment can be different for different people and these experiences are personal. therefore always advises that if you have any questions about your medication, treatment, medical device or condition, you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Does this website undermine the position of the doctor or the pharmacist?

    No, absolutely not. The website is meant to gather more information that is useful to patients and care professionals. Medical choices are to be made by medical professionals and are their responsibility. The patient, however, should be supported in their knowledge about their conditions and treatments and their search for information. A variety of research has shown that when a patient is actively involved in their treatment (or choice of medication), the likelihood of them sticking to the treatment plan is increased.

  • How is privacy protected? believes the privacy of visitors to its website is of the utmost importance to its activities. The details that someone submits when giving their review are logged in a protected database. The information from this database which then appears on the website is not linked with or connected to any personal data. adheres in all cases to the conditions set forth by the Personal Data Protection Act. For further information, please see the privacy declaration on our website.

About sharing your experiences

  • How does guarantee the validity of reviews?

    All reviews we receive are checked against various criteria, including, for example whether several reviews originate from one single address, language use and expressions; we also monitor the number of reviews per drug per visitor. A team under supervision of a pharmacist is responsible for carrying out these checks which allow us to protect the quality of our website.

  • Why do you need my email address? What happens to my email address if I leave it with an review?

    If we have a question about a message or part of your review that we've received from you, we will use the email address to contact you.

  • Can I give my review anonymously?

    All reviews on our website are posted anonymously. Your name and email address are kept private at

  • How long will it take for my review to appear on the website?

    All reviews are screened and checked by a pharmacist before they can be posted on the website. We aim to publish your review at least within 24 - 48 hours of receiving it.

  • I have submitted a review but I can't find it anywhere. Why not?

    It may be possible that your review has not yet been reviewed; see the answer to the previous question. But does reserve the right not to publish a review or to remove text without explanation if a review does not comply with our standards. By this we mean that a review has to be genuine and should be about a user’s medical experience. We remove or edit reviews if they do not comply, for example uninformative reviews, offensive or accusatory texts.

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