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Also known as:
Major depressive disorder, recurrent
ICD10/11 Code: F33
ICD10/11 Group: F00-F99, Mental and behavioural disorders
Chronic depression
Also known as: Major depressive disorder, recurrent
ICD10/11 Code: F33, ICD10/11 Group: F00-F99, Mental and behavioural disorders


Disease burden 100%

What patients say...

Impact on emotional state 75%
Level of control 50%
Level of complaints 100%
Impact on diet 100%
Financial impact 75%

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12/10/2021 | | 57moderated by Susan
agomelatine (50mg) for Chronic depression

I find it makes me feel very angry, impatient and overall horrible. I was taken fluoxetine for about 20 years. My gp decided it was too long and changed it. Not sure I'm impressed with it
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04/08/2017 | | 30moderated by Philip
citalopram hydrobromide (20mg) for chronic depression

I am really happy with this medicine. It works really well and the side effects (headache and mood swings) only at the beginning, or if I forget to take it.
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04/08/2017 | | 30moderated by Susan
paroxetine hydrochloride anhydrous (10mg) for chronic depression

I wouldn't recommend this medicine to any one who hasn't at least tried all the other alternatives first. I'm now taking citalopram with few, if any, side effects, but I am still suffering with the IBS I developed when I was taking paroxetine. Since then, I've also struggled with my weight.
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01/08/2017 | | 42moderated by Henry
paroxetine hydrochloride anhydrous (20mg) for chronic depression

I just want to say that I managed to stop taking this without any problems, and that was 4 months ago. If you want to stop taking this, don't be put off by the negative experiences of others. The people who stopped properly (like me) and without problems are less likely to post reviews than those who have negative experiences of stopping.
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26/07/2017 | | 43moderated by Henry
citalopram hydrobromide (30mg) for chronic depression

The only thing that this medicine does is interrupt your continuous spiral of negative thoughts, which you get with depression and 20 years of PTSD, it doesn't stop them. But that's all, doesn't make you happier or more active. The bad thoughts came back after about 2 months. Wouldn't recommend this one.
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Efexor XL

26/07/2017 | | 43moderated by Charlotte
venlafaxine hydrochloride (150mg) for chronic depression

Developed Steven-Johnson syndrome as a side effect, it felt like I was witnessing what was happening to me through somebody else's eyes, an out-of-body experience, really horrendous nightmares.
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10/07/2017 | | 65moderated by Philip
sertraline hydrochloride (50mg) for chronic depression

Once tried to stop with the help of my GP but it didn't go well and I'm still on it. Want to come off it but not allowed.
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05/07/2017 | | 45moderated by Charlotte
escitalopram oxalate (20mg) for chronic depression

Medicines do absolutely nothing, 5 weeks on, and still nothing. Not fair that I've built up a resistance to this because I've tried so many different medicines in the past, the only one that worked was Seroxat but I stopped taking that too quickly. Tried it again later but it didn't work any more.
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03/07/2017 | | 37moderated by Henry
duloxetine hydrochloride (60mg) for chronic depression

I used Cymbalta for years for chronic depression. It helped me a great deal, psychologically speaking. I did have a few breaks from it (2 pregnancies). But ultimately I need another antidepressant because of the physical side effects: after a few months I just get more and more tired. I also need to constantly monitor my weight.
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13/06/2017 | | 25moderated by Philip
citalopram hydrobromide (30mg) for chronic depression

Because I am incredibly self-conscious when I'm dealing with others, I blush really easily. When I started taking citalopram it got a lot worse. At that point I also had a second job in catering but after a few weeks of walking around embarrassed with a face like a beetroot I had to quit it and switched to another antidepressant.
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13/06/2017 | | 25moderated by Henry
sertraline hydrochloride (50mg) for chronic depression

At school and at home I learned a lot about psychiatric problems but I had never heard of a dysthymic disorder, until I had investigations to figure out why I was always feeling like I was. The search for suitable medicine was a harrowing one so I was happy when we discovered the third SSRI I was trialling seemed to work without too many side effects. I tried to come off it once but it was a ba...
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09/05/2017 | | 61moderated by Charlotte
mirtazapine (30mg) for chronic depression

For me the effect didn't start until after about 4/5 weeks. On top of headache and drowsiness, also poor vision! Especially in traffic. No excess emotions one way or another, but general mood improved. If you're not convinced about this drug you'll probably get the best result. There's no such thing as "miracle drugs"
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