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Active ingredient: levonorgestrel
ATC Code: G02BA03

Level of

Level of Satisfaction 52%

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Effectiveness 75%
Quantity of side effects 47%
Severity of side effects 38%
Ease of use 83%

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15/08/2017 | | 24moderated by Susan
levonorgestrel (52mg) for contraception / birth control

Insertion is everything but pleasant but it's nothing compared to actually giving birth. I had a few period-like pains on the day it was inserted but other than that, nothing.
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18/07/2017 | | 46moderated by Philip
levonorgestrel (19,5mg) for irregular menstrual cycle

Even after sterilisation I still have an irregular cycle. Practically on my period every week, sometimes less but often also with clots. Decided with the GP to have the mirena coil fitted. I haven't even had one good thing happen to me. Mood swings, painful periods, cramps, stomach pains, painful lumps on my face. Decided to have it taken out after 2 years. I feel much better now than when I wa...
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12/07/2017 | | 36moderated by Henry
levonorgestrel (52mg) for irregular menstrual cycle

The placement was not as bad as I expected. I had it done for my heavy periods. The first two weeks were really problematic; my lower abdomen was continuously painful. So I didn’t do anything during that period. I also had blood loss over these days, both problems disappeared. No idea how things will go, but I have faith.
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22/06/2017 | | 21moderated by Philip
levonorgestrel (19,5mg) for contraception / birth control

2 weeks ago I had a mirena inserted, I'm 21, no kids. I was worried because of all the negative reactions on the Internet. But in contrast to all of them, until now, my experience has only been positive. Having it inserted is somewhat unpleasant (I didn't take any painkillers in advance), 2 x bad painful moments but apart from that a piece of cake. Doctor said I have a small womb which is why I...
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20/06/2017 | | 46moderated by Susan
levonorgestrel (52mg) for endometriosis

I’ve tried several hormone therapies for my endometriosis without success. My gynaecologist advised me to try mirena because according to research it is also effective. The first placement failed. The second was under narcosis. I had a day of heavy bleeding and cramps afterwards. Some spotting and light cramps the second day. Still have to wait and see what the long-term effects on the endometr...
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23/05/2017 | | 18moderated by Charlotte
levonorgestrel (52 mg) for contraception / birth control

very negative, getting it put in was incredibly painful even though I had a light sedative. Continuous blood loss with a few days of pain all day long. I can hardly bear the pain it's causing me, I can't do anything all day long and the whole time I have an unpleasant and crazy-making kind of feeling.
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21/05/2017 | | 19moderated by Susan
levonorgestrel (IUD 20 mg/24 uur) for contraception / birth control

I've had my mirena for one and a half months now and since then I've only not bled for 2.5 days. The rest of time I have done. Sometimes with really bad cramps then the next day no pain. Bleeding varies from spotting to heavy. Works well as contraception because I can't sleep with my boyfriend for all the blood.
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08/05/2017 | | 54moderated by Charlotte
levonorgestrel (52 mg) for pregnancy

After having a copper coil for years, I switched to the Mirena. From the beginning it has been great and I felt fantastic. I'm now 54 and I've still got a coil. This is my 4th Mirena. My GP says that having this means your menopause symptoms are lessened and I believe that's the case, because I haven't got any. :-) but according to my blood test, I am definitely in the menopause. When my GP put...
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07/05/2017 | | 21moderated by Charlotte
levonorgestrel (24 microgram/24h) for contraception / birth control

I am a 21 year old woman with no children and I've had the mirena for about one and a half years, after 4 years of taking the pill. The insertion was okay, it was painful but soon over. Then had spotting and cramps for about 3 weeks which then disappeared. Following that I had light periods every month and after 9 months it got less. Unfortunately I've had terrible difficulties with the side ef...
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