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Also known as:
ICD10/11 Code: N80
ICD10/11 Group: N00-N99, Diseases of the genitourinary system
Also known as: ---
ICD10/11 Code: N80, ICD10/11 Group: N00-N99, Diseases of the genitourinary system


Disease burden 100%

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Impact on emotional state 100%
Level of control 0%
Level of complaints 100%
Impact on diet 100%
Financial impact 100%

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10/08/2020 | | 40moderated by Henry

Severe crippling pain where I'm vomiting over the toilet. At one point I was unable to work or study for 18-months while awaiting surgery. Have had 4 surgeries to remove endometriosis.
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10/08/2020 | | 40moderated by Susan
estradiol hemihydrate, nomegestrol acetate (1,5/2,5MG) for Endometriosis

Since I started taking Zoely a month ago I have had severe cognitive impairment to the point of being unable to function, visuo-spatial impairment and problems with vision in general, I feel like I have jet lag from a 24 hour while also being drunk. My eyes are sore all the time and I feel like my eye balls have weights in them. Additional side effects: extreme lethargy, depression, mood swings...
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Primolut N

13/10/2019 | | 33moderated by Susan
norethisterone (5MG) for Endometriosis

Terrible drug. Weight gain, insomnia, bloating, mood changes, acne, nausea. Like being constantly on your period, and hasn't helped my endometriosis.
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27/07/2017 | | 42moderated by Henry
celecoxib (100mg) for endometriosis

About 1 hour after taking, incredible pain throughout my whole upper body. Had no idea what had got into me. Stopped taking the medicine immediately on the advice of the specialist.
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20/06/2017 | | 46moderated by Susan
levonorgestrel (52mg) for endometriosis

I’ve tried several hormone therapies for my endometriosis without success. My gynaecologist advised me to try mirena because according to research it is also effective. The first placement failed. The second was under narcosis. I had a day of heavy bleeding and cramps afterwards. Some spotting and light cramps the second day. Still have to wait and see what the long-term effects on the endometr...
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