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Active ingredient: agomelatine
ATC Code: N06AX22

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Level of Satisfaction 36%

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Effectiveness 47%
Quantity of side effects 50%
Severity of side effects 52%
Ease of use 72%

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09/02/2024 | | 26moderated by Henry
agomelatine (25MG) for Anxiety disorder

  • worsened anxiety
  • increased depression
  • continuous rumination
  • suicidal thoughts
  • impaired judgement
  • vomiting
  • insomnia

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16/09/2022 | | 36moderated by Henry
agomelatine (25MG) for Depression

I was prescribed valdoxan and took it for 2 years. It made a difference for me and really eased my depression and anxiety. But I would wake up everyday unmotivated. I ended up getting a sports blood test and was diagnosed with h pylori. I wish I did this 2 years ago because it causes depression and anxiety. Within weeks of treatment from my naturopath I was ready to come off the valdoxan so I t...
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08/07/2022 | | 58moderated by Susan
agomelatine (25MG) for Anxiety disorder

I was prescribed this medication during an extremely traumatic period in my life. I had increased nightmares, disturbed dreaming, migraines, nausea, headaches, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, jitters, heartburn and sore neck, back and aching muscles and finally exhaustion. I lasted 13 days until people started saying how tired I looked. I then read the side effects and immediately stopped. ...
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15/06/2022 | | 33moderated by Philip
agomelatine (25MG) for Depression

I take this for depression and sleep issues. It definitely helps with the sleep. The full dose (50mg) is very strong, I quickly went back down to 25mg. The trick is timing the dose, if you take it too late at night, too close to bed, you will wake up drowsy, and it can through your day out. I can't speak much to the anti-depressive effect. The fact that it helps with sleep definitely will impac...
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16/11/2021 | | 54moderated by Susan
agomelatine (50MG) for Depression

I've found valdoxan very helpful , I've not had any alcohol in 60days, , You realy have to want to stop heavy drinking as well , valdoxan helps me with the anxiousness once I detoxed from alcohol, as I used alcohol to medicate myself with anxiety issue's.
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12/10/2021 | | 57moderated by Susan
agomelatine (50mg) for Chronic depression

I find it makes me feel very angry, impatient and overall horrible. I was taken fluoxetine for about 20 years. My gp decided it was too long and changed it. Not sure I'm impressed with it
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24/03/2021 | | 35moderated by Philip
agomelatine (25MG) for Insomnia

The side effects of this drug are horrific. I thought I was going insane inside my head after taking these. Id imagine the rate of suicide from drug is sky hi. Avoid this drug at all cost.
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17/08/2017 | | 39moderated by Charlotte
agomelatine (25mg) for depression

After 2 years of fluoxetine, switched to valdoxan. Within 2 weeks, I felt calmer already. I can drive again and I'm no longer spaced out. Haven't had any side effects, my headaches and stomach complaints from years of medicine use have genuinely been reduced!
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11/11/2015 | | 35moderated by Philip
agomelatine (25mg) for anxiety & panic disorder

To start off with I was given an anti-depressant which turned me into a right grump for about 4 hours after I had taken it. Not great if you have a fear of vomiting. Essentially valdoxan was fine for me, no side effects. At one point I was taking 2 a day in the evening instead of 1. Then I gradually reduced down to one every other day. But a colleague of mine (who isn't a psychologist or psychi...
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