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10/4/2019 | | 40moderated by Philip
Simvastatin (40MG) for Stroke

I experienced horrible side effects from only 26 days this drug! Awful stuff! On day one I developed involuntary foot movements during rest/going to sleep, mental confusion, muscle cramps, and muscle twitching. It was so bad I had to be tested for ALS/MND!!! Despite being off it 3 months now, the symptoms have improved but have not disappeared entirely. I worry I will be forever damaged by this...
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6/11/2019 | | 6moderated by Henry
Cetirizine (10MG) for Urticaria

It started with a coughing and a moderate fever and the second day a strange rash was appearing. The rash was kind of moving, not at the same spot and very itchy on the feet and hands. The doctor told me he had a viral infection that triggered hives. about an hour after one tablet of Zyrtec the rash and itch disappeared. We have used it for a week and it did not come back after we stoppped usin...
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5/21/2019 | | 13moderated by Henry
Cetirizine (10MG) for Hayfever

My daughter uses Zyrtec as a precaution, but so far it has been working great this season, since she did not have that many allergy symptoms (and we know last year was way worse).
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11/29/2018 | | 41moderated by Charlotte
Acetaminophen (240MG) for Headache

Works great every time I need it. No need for more aggressive pain killers, like Advil (ibuprofen), naproxen or others. I take 2 pills when I have a headache and it works with apprroxy. 30 minutes. No side effects experienced so far.
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11/9/2018 | | 51moderated by Philip
Evolocumab (140MG/ML) for High cholesterol

Have tried statins with no success and muscle cramps. LdL was always over 200 for the last 8 yrs after my heart attack. Was taking zetia and my ldl was 210 in june. DR prescribed Repatha. After 3 months on repatha my LDL went from 210 to 18. Incredible with no side effects. Its like a miracle.
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10/7/2018 | | 20moderated by Charlotte
Amoxicillin (500MG) for Toothache

I was prescribed this drug for a really bad toothache from an unfinished root canal. It lessened the pain, but did not completely stop the pain. About five days into taking the pills, I developed a severe yeast infection. I have taken other penicillin meds before and this was the worst one. Nothing helps the yeast infection stop itching and burning. Compared to the toothache, the yeast infectio...
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7/28/2018 | | 33moderated by Susan
Olanzapine (10mg) for autism

Anxiety and autism complaints. Medication works pretty well. i dont have sleeping problems anymore like i did when i first started taking it. side effects: huge weight gain and i feel flat. other then that the medication does its job.
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7/26/2018 | | 85moderated by Henry
Tamsulosin (0,4mg) for polyuria

From day 1 it's been a huge success, i used to frequently have to go to the bathroom and immediately having to do so again afterwards, no more pressure on my bladder and no side effects.
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7/25/2018 | | 58moderated by Philip
Pazopanib (400mg) for kidney cancer

i take this medication for my sleeping problems. one day i feel good, the other i feel terrible. my desire to eat is gone. i can't eat bread. fired foods don't work either. liquid food is the easiest to eat.
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7/24/2018 | | 69moderated by Susan
Clomipramine (75mg) for depression

my 69 y/o husband has always taken Sarotex unfortunately. He's now begun taking Clumipramine with 50mg then onto 2x 100mg and lately 2x 75 mg still do not see a difference....
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7/15/2018 | | 65moderated by Philip
Capecitabine (2800 per dag) for breast cancer

I use these chemo pills 2x 7 pills per day for two weeks then take a week of break off of them. This medication is very stressful to use.
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7/11/2018 | | 76moderated by Susan
Tramadol (100mg) for arthrosis

Tramadol alone didn't do much but when i took it along with paracetamol it was far more effective. people say i unfocused but i haven't had any problems with that.
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7/9/2018 | | 70moderated by Charlotte
Rotigotine (2mg/24uur) for restless legs syndrome (RLS)

works well but i have trouble with the augmentation. After using it for a few years every now and then i have to take a break off the medicine.
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6/30/2018 | | 49moderated by Henry
Glatiramer (40mg/ml) for multiple sclerosis (MS)

since ive begun using copaxone i haven't had problems with my MS. Despite having two cases of necrosis while using the drug, i am continuing to sue it because it works so well.
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6/29/2018 | | 58moderated by Philip
Citalopram (10mg) for mood swings

I have been using this stuff for years, it works well for a long time, now that i am getting more sick, i have noticed that it doesn't work as well anymore. Downside is that once you start taking it it's very difficult to stop.
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6/6/2018 | | 13moderated by Charlotte
allergic reaction

I have hay fever , allergic to grass pollens. It always kicks in in the spring and this year it has been horrible in North California. For a couple of weeks I had to use my Xyzal every evening and even with it I had a runny nose, rough coughing and some days red eyes. I am singing and the hay fever is not helping me. My voice is getting less clear. Without Xyzal I am a mess, tired all day and f...
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