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meamedica.com is an independent website which gives patients and their experiences with conditions, medication, treatments and medical devices the importance they deserve. Reviews provided by patients about their medical experiences are the baseline of our platform. The website is optimized for patients and allows a patient to quickly and easily access valuable real-world data or to contact other patients.

meamedica.com is a product of Insight Pharma Services BV, a data-company based in The Netherlands and founded in 2008 by a pharmacist. Insight Pharma Services BV runs the biggest medical review platform in Europe with millions of visitors every year. It contains the largest medical dataset with a bottom-up approach.

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It all started with this platform, launched in The Netherlands, which enabled users and patients to share experiences and exchange advice with each other as a supporting process in their use of medicines.


Later, we expanded to other countries under the name meamedica to be able to help more patients. Recently we made meamedica.com, totally rebuilt, ready to connect patients from existing and new countries.

Your DNA influences your health!

Due to the rapidly evolving evidence on genetics in relation to medicine use, we started out DNA products by launching a pharmacogenetic DNA test. After all, your genes have a huge influence on the way a medicine is absorbed, distributed and eliminated again. They can therefore be responsible for the differences in response to a medication. The development of the Personal Health report quickly followed, since your DNA also determines if you have an increased predisposition for rare or very rare diseases. With that knowledge early intervention is possible and the quality of life improves. Further developments are done and also include an immune report and an appetite & metabolism report.


meamedica|dental is a solution for dental health professionals which enables them to conduct digital anamnesis, view dental health interactions and safely generate prescriptions. It was developed in cooperation with dentists and the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) and was successfully integrated with several dental information systems.


meamedica|pro is a module for health care professionals that enables them to collaborate with their patients when given access to their medical data. Moreover, the module gives health care professionals extra information about our DNA tests to better understand the results and to improve their medical treatment advice to better fit the genetics of their patients.


Our goal is to provide information and increase patient safety. To this end we have created a service to ensure that manufacturers of medicines are informed of effects, side effects and experiences in medicine use. The information is delivered by standard form (E2B), with correct MedDRA codes and within the required deadlines!

Insight Pharma Services BV is an ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 certified company

Information security is incorporated in all our business processes and ensures the security of personal information of our patients. This certification process encompasses many facets within the company, from simple access to our company building to access to our platform data. It is important that our patients feel safe while browsing our platform searching for support on their medicine use by reading and sharing experiences with other patients.

View our ISO/IEC 27001 certificate or our NEN 7510 certificate.

Two factor authentication (2FA) now with your new or existing account!

2FA helps protecting the user's account and medical data from possible unauthorized access by unknown parties. This method of confirming the user's identity uses a combination of two different factors: the username/password and a code in their mobile phone. A third-party authenticator (TPA) app enables this by showing such a randomly-generated and constantly refreshing code.

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