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Active ingredient: Liraglutide
ATC Code: A10BJ02

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Level of Satisfaction 58%

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Effectiveness 60%
Quantity of side effects 57%
Severity of side effects 46%
Ease of use 75%

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1/2/2017 | | 44moderated by Henry
Liraglutide (6mg/ml) for diabetes type 1

I've been using this for 5 weeks now and I'm on day 4 of no additional insulin. It certainly takes a lot of getting used to after using insulin for about 22 years. But it is easy to only have to inject 1x day. On top of that I do also regularly check my sugar levels but I think is laughable that now I'm on Victoza and not insulin, the test strips aren't covered by the insurance. Testing remains...
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7/10/2016 | | 70moderated by Henry
Liraglutide (1,8mg) for prediabetes

Stay aware of yourself. My blood sugars may have reduced but I developed many, serious symptoms. I was poisoning myself with Victoza. Symptoms started really vaguely, but started getting more and more problems with a general feeling of illness. Then dehydration. Subsequently more and more ill and weaker until we figured out ourselves it might be the Victoza. Stopped and day by day it's getting ...
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5/13/2016 | | 33moderated by Henry
Liraglutide (18mg/ml) for diabetes type 2

I've been using Victoza since January 2016. I also take one and a half Metformin with it. To start off with I had really bad side-effects, but recently they are getting more sporadic. The worst side effects are now occasional flatulence and foul eructation. My glucose levels are definitely going down so I'm definitely benefiting from it! A bonus side effect is the weight loss. I've lost 10 kg s...
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5/6/2016 | | 50moderated by Charlotte
Liraglutide (6mg/ml) for diabetes type 2

This has only made it harder for me because now, alongside metformine and gliclazide, I now have to inject myself. That something you never get used to, at least for me. Glucose values went, on average, a whole point lower, from 7.5 to 6.5. The worst side effect I've noticed is being bloated. You really need to adjust your portion sizes. The good thing though is that it's really easy to lose we...
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2/21/2016 | | 49moderated by Charlotte
Liraglutide (6mg/ml) for diabetes type 2

Really bad few months behind me, couldn't bear to eat anything, acute diarrhoea. Burps like rotten eggs and hiccuping all the time. I'd been taking victoza for almost 8 months now in combination with metformine and glicazide, but unfortunately still no improvement in my blood sugars and loads of side effects. Happily I've stopped taking this medicine now and switched to insulin, hopefully that ...
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11/24/2015 | | 61moderated by Philip
Liraglutide (6mg/ml) for diabetes type 2

I have been taking Victoza now for 4 months and my blood sugar levels are excellent! I am taking the lowest dose. At the beginning I suffered a lot with side effects, like nausea and feeling hazy but everything is great again. It was just about persevering! But now I am so happy that I did! I am strict when it comes to carbohydrates and I have halved my dose of Glimepiride and Metformin and I h...
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