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Active ingredient: alprazolam
ATC Code: N05BA12

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Level of Satisfaction 70%

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Effectiveness 65%
Quantity of side effects 15%
Severity of side effects 9%
Ease of use 85%

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21/07/2022 | | 24moderated by Susan
alprazolam (0,5MG) for Anxiety & panic disorder

This drug has saved me on a thousand occasions, from generalized anxiety, panic attacks up to situations of severe insomnia, where the next day I had to get up early to go to work. I have always considered it a life-saving med: it is an excellent anxiolytic and I consider it very valid also for those suffering from sleep disorders, because it does not leave heaviness or drowsiness the next day,...
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14/04/2021 | | 40moderated by Philip
alprazolam (2MG) for Anxiety & panic disorder

I'm a person who suffers with mental health, anxiety and insomnia! So iknow exactly how much medication helps! I'm on my 4th order already. (Red: a part of this review has been deleted because it had commercial information and was not about a personal experience with medicine use)
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20/08/2017 | | 34moderated by Philip
alprazolam (0,5mg) for anxiety disorder

Dear everyone, yesterday, with my evening meal, I took my first Xanax Retard 0.5 mg tablet. Is it normal that I am so tired on such a low dose? Or does my body need time to get used to it? Normally I'd be supposed to take another tablet again this morning, but I'm waiting until this evening. Is this tiredness a passing thing? Thanks, An
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12/08/2017 | | 35moderated by Philip
alprazolam (2mg) for stress

As far as I am concerned, Xanax is the best anti-anxiety and calming benzodiazepine there is, but it's also really expensive. That's why I switched to a cheaper and stronger medicine, Tranxene 50.
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23/05/2017 | | 50moderated by Philip
alprazolam (0,5mg) for unrest

I've recently been diagnosed with ADHD with additional disorders. Put on Ritalin straight away and then also tried out four other simulating medicines. Terrible result but I have also been self-medicating and discovered that Xanax works really well for me. I now take half a tablet every day and I feel great. Now and then I slip in an extra dexamphetamine with the Xanax, which is amazing. Offici...
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