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Active ingredient: simvastatin
ATC Code: C10AA01

Level of

Level of Satisfaction 35%

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Effectiveness 60%
Quantity of side effects 57%
Severity of side effects 60%
Ease of use 89%

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10/09/2017 | | 59moderated by Charlotte
simvastatin (10 mg) for high cholesterol

Even in small doses simvastatin is poisonous for me! Started on 40 mg on the doctor's advice. After a few weeks: muscle pain in strange places: feet, shoulders, mostly neck pain. By the evenings I couldn't turn or raise my head, paired with bad pain. So I stopped this medicine. Bought 10 mg simvastatin later when I was abroad and tried that out. 10 mg is 'only 25% of 40mg so I shouldn't have an...
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18/08/2017 | | 63moderated by Charlotte
simvastatin (40mg) for angina pectoris

Went to the specialist because of arthrosis and heart spasms. No abnormalities recognised with my heart but the specialist advised me to take simvastatin as a preventative. From the first day right up to now haven't noticed one single side effect. Small tablet to take with your evening meal. Sufficient.
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09/08/2017 | | 74moderated by Susan
simvastatin (40mg) for stroke

After a heart attack in January 2017, I was prescribed simvastatin, 1 x per day 40 mg. Severe pain in my shoulder as a result. Pain in arm, hand, can't sleep, etc. Stopped now.
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29/06/2017 | | 56moderated by Charlotte
simvastatin (40mg) for high cholesterol

After a few days I started getting stomach pain. To start off with it was really irritating and then after a few weeks it was really painful. Sore spots in my stomach when it was touched. Totally been through the mill and nothing has been found. Stopped half way through June and after a few days the symptoms subsided. Switched back to my old brand and no side effects. Scary to think about all t...
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27/06/2017 | | 29moderated by Charlotte
simvastatin (40mg) for high cholesterol

At a relatively young age I underwent testing for increased cholesterol (triglyceriden) because there is a hereditary variant in my family (father and grandfather). After I was diagnosed I started on this medicine straight away, 40 mg. Haven't had a single side effect and since then my cholesterol levels have been fine.
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17/05/2017 | | 69moderated by Susan
simvastatin (40mg) for high cholesterol

I've had really bad lower back pain for years. My normal gait was limping. I needed to sit down after walking for about 2 metres. The pain radiated throughout my whole leg. Cholesterol was still high, 8.5. I read online that this all might be because of these pills so I halved what I was taking and then started taking omega capsules and using butter and liquids with omega in them. The back pain...
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01/05/2017 | | 49moderated by Susan
simvastatin (80mg) for high cholesterol

Switched from crestor to simvastatin because of the costs. Been on it 4 months but stopped for 2 weeks to see if the problems go away: pain in my thighs, difficulty walking, weak feeling in my legs. So yeah, then on to the next medicine!
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