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Active ingredient: quetiapine fumarate
ATC Code: N05AH04

Level of

Level of Satisfaction 50%

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Effectiveness 59%
Quantity of side effects 46%
Severity of side effects 46%
Ease of use 71%

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25/07/2017 | | 55moderated by Charlotte
quetiapine fumarate (100mg) for tinnitus

I was prescribed this drug alongside escitalopram by my psychiatrist. I had a lot of difficulties with an annoying sound in my ears, tinnitus. Found it difficult to sleep, unsettled, I felt like I was sitting on a rollercoaster. On this medication I did sleep well, but I couldn't really function during the day. My wife has been in hospital for a long time so I had to make a choice: sleep badly ...
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18/07/2017 | | 61moderated by Charlotte
quetiapine fumarate (100mg) for depression

This is an atypical antipsychotic as I've become more depressed as a result of my ever weakening body caused by various illnesses and stress. It has loads of side effects and affects, among other things, my digestive system and muscular system. Of course it also does all sorts of things to your brain. And combined with a corticosteroid I just feel myself getting weaker and more ill.
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16/07/2017 | | 37moderated by Susan
quetiapine fumarate (50mg) for drug addiction

I am taking this to detox from cannabis, on the advice of the addiction specialist. It tempers the agitation in your body caused by the need for the drug. The disadvantage is that I now feel under the influence of this drug (Dizziness, seeing stars, muddling words). Everything is slower, like I'm under water and I'm not with it.
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13/07/2017 | | 50moderated by Henry
quetiapine fumarate (50mg) for insomnia

I quit, never again. Gained two stone in just three months. I even wake up at night, crave sweets all the time. I was never much of sweets person, now the opposite.
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01/06/2017 | | 58moderated by Susan
quetiapine fumarate (100mg) for bipolar disorder

I was offered this to help keep me calm. The retard version helped me to sleep better, took it at 9pm, but it also meant I was really groggy the next day. That's why I switched to the short-action version which lasts for 7 hours.
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25/05/2017 | | 37moderated by Philip
quetiapine fumarate (400mg) for schizophrenia

After suddenly hearing voices my psychiatrist gave me quetiapine, now 800mg and 2mg lorazepam for a psychosis. But this was not effective enough. Getting to sleep is ok, but I keep hearing voices and I also have problems with my memory. Going to switch to Clozapine and hope it works better.
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21/05/2017 | | 39moderated by Henry
quetiapine fumarate (200mg) for bipolar disorder

At the age of 38 I discovered I had a type 2 bipolar disorder. For that reason, I've been takin 20 mg spiralexa for 3.5 years. I have still had lots of manic episodes and severe depression. Last year in May I started on Lambipol, up to 200 mg. Unfortunately I was just not coming out of my depressive episode and I was only sleeping 2 hours a night. I've recently started on quetiapine, the generi...
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02/05/2017 | | 60moderated by Philip
quetiapine fumarate (50mg) for psychosis

Because of psychosis (delusional) started on Seroquel 50XR. Pretty quickly after 2 weeks my symptoms had disappeared. I am really happy, okay apart from the tiredness and weight gain and reduced libido.
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