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Active ingredient: dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate
ATC Code: G03FA14

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Level of Satisfaction 100%

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Effectiveness 100%
Quantity of side effects 17%
Severity of side effects 12%
Ease of use 95%

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06/04/2021 | | 61moderated by Charlotte
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (0,5/2,5MG) for Menopause

This has literally been a life saver for me. I entered menopause at the same time as my eldest son had a brain tumour and my husband had a breakdown. I had to care for both of them, while working full-time. Femoston Conti made me feel like me again, giving me the strength to get through this.
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14/03/2019 | | 37moderated by Henry
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (0,5/2,5MG) for Premature menopause

37 years old, surgical menopause. Surgery in January, 1st pill of Femoston conti 0.5/2.5 in March. After the 4th pill hot flashes gone and night sleep in better, some nights even very good. No side efects so far (am on pill 13th).
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16/06/2017 | | 53moderated by Philip
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (1/5mg) for anaemia

After I quit taking anti-conception my period didn’t come back for 6 months. Then it suddenly started again so heavy it caused anaemia. My doctor advised me to start Femoston. This works fine and I don’t have any side effects. I do however have some concerns on the increased risk of breast cancer due to long-term use. I was advised to quit the pill because of my age (over 50) and an increased r...
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09/06/2017 | | 52moderated by Charlotte
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (1/5mg) for menopause

This medication has helped really well with my menopause symptoms. Before I started using it, I had loads of hot flushes which affected my sleep and so I couldn't function properly during the day (at home and at work) which was really difficult. As soon as I started using Femoston these symptoms disappeared really quickly. I have noticed a few mild side effects such as intermittent spotting and...
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03/09/2016 | | 38moderated by Philip
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (0,5/2,5mg) for cervical cancer

After I was treated for cervical cancer (when I was 35), I suddenly started the menopause. After 4 months of bad sleep/not sleeping at all, sweating, mood swings etc. I started on Femoston-conti on the advice of my gynaecologist. What a revelation. Finally there was some peace in my life. No more hot flushes. Better sleep and no more excessive sweating. I expect I'll be taking this well into my...
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20/10/2015 | | 54moderated by Henry
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (1/5mg) for menopause

Had serious problem with hot flushes. Works brilliantly. Doctor said I had to stop but when I did, the hot flushes came back within the week, so I haven't stopped. Sometimes am scared that there may be long-term effects which aren't good for me but I feel 100% for taking femoston...
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