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Active ingredient: dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate
ATC Code: G03FA14

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Level of Satisfaction 58%

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Effectiveness 58%
Quantity of side effects 33%
Severity of side effects 29%
Ease of use 91%

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31/08/2023 | | 55moderated by Susan
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (0,5/2,5MG) for Premature menopause

I was on Femoston for years Starting with the lower dose. At first it improved my moods but the night sweats never really went away for long then came back with a vengeance. I also had terrible day sweats and my moods changed again. I changed to Evorel after seeing a consultant. Since starting the patches everything feels a lot better. Better sleep Better skin and my bones ache less. I don...
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08/04/2022 | | 70moderated by Philip
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (1/5MG) for Menopause

I have been on this HRT treatment for years. I have no side effects at all and can thoroughly recommend. Hot flushes and night sweats stopped after about a week and have never returned (unless I leave it too long before starting the next 28-day cycle). I take Femoston 1/10.
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19/11/2016 | | 47moderated by Susan
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (1/5mg) for menopause

I've been using femoston for 7 months now and don't have any more problems with my menopause symptoms but recently I've had a lot of pain in my breasts. I can't even touch them. And the 14-day considerable breakthrough bleeding, they don't last so long but they are much worse. Has anyone else had this kind of problem and does it go away?
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05/09/2016 | | 46moderated by Charlotte
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (1/5mg) for menopause

I've just started taking femoston. I am 46 and am suffering terribly with hot flushes. I haven't had a period for about 8 months. I've read so many different opinions about this medicine. I'm curious!
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28/07/2016 | | 52moderated by Charlotte
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (1/10) for menopause

Because of mood swings etc caused by the menopause and which were exacerbated by my other issues, I wanted to try Femoston. After 3 days I started menstruating and 3 weeks later it still hadn't finished. Sometimes very heavy bleeding. On top of that also incredibly tired, so bad that I suddenly fell asleep in the bank. Muscle pain and stiffness. Sweating and terribly short of breath during exer...
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18/05/2016 | | 55moderated by Charlotte
dydrogesterone, estradiol hemihydrate (1/5mg) for menopause

To start off with it seemed to help… But after a few weeks I started waking up in the mornings really grumpy and was negative all day long towards myself, everything and everyone… i did have these symptoms before I started using this (I also take the antidepressant paroxetine; not exactly the best combination!). But it does seem that they have got worse since I have been taking this hormone pre...
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