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Active ingredient: Esomeprazole
ATC Code: A02BC05

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Level of Satisfaction 33%

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Effectiveness 66%
Quantity of side effects 50%
Severity of side effects 50%
Ease of use 70%

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4/5/2017 | | 50moderated by Philip
Esomeprazole (20mg) for gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GORD)

I take esomeprazole for terrible acid reflux and it works brilliantly. I've got HMS and sometimes my stomach valve doesn't close properly. It comes it fits and starts, sometimes nothing for weeks and then days, weeks or months of it every night. I also have omeprazole but I take them alternately as that's what works best for me. Luckily I don't have any problem with side effects! And if I don't...
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11/30/2016 | | 50moderated by Charlotte
Esomeprazole (40mg) for heartburn

Took this for 8 years (for esophageal spasms resulting from stomach acid), had increasing side effects without recognizing they were caused by this medicine. (spasms especially at night, upset stomach, esophageal spasms which did not disappear -so why prescribe this medicine in the first place -, irritability, etc. I decided to gradually quit a year ago and have taken "normal" antacids instea...
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8/11/2016 | | 64moderated by Charlotte
Esomeprazole (40mg) for reflux

2 x 40 mg per day is not enough to completely neutralise the heartburn. Still get stomach pains with it. Recently been given Sucralfate which seems to help a bit.
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4/15/2016 | | 67moderated by Susan
Esomeprazole (20mg) for Barrett's esophagus

Used Nexium for at least 10 years until it was suddenly no longer paid for. Even though the price difference between the generic and the branded medicine was a matter of cents per pack. Not allowed to pay the difference. So now capsules instead of a tablet. The packaging is stiffer than capsule so that the capsule regularly breaks when you pop it out of the pack.
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11/24/2015 | | 77moderated by Susan
Esomeprazole (40mg) for allergy

Was already allergic to Omeprazol. Omeprazol is basically the same as Esomeprazol. Also got really really ill from Esomeprazol. Trembling and weak hands, little feeling in my legs, dizziness then after a tingling feeling in my legs and feet I was afraid to walk, could hardly walk any more in the end. After coping with all these side effects for a few weeks we finally came to a conclusion. Esome...
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11/12/2015 | | 74moderated by Henry
Esomeprazole (40mg) for diabetes type 2

I've been taking this medicine for years and can't say if it helps. Still had stomach pains. After investigation by the gastro-enterologist it transpired I had delayed digestion. This is why I got this medicine.
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