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Also known as:
ICD10/11 Code: F33
ICD10/11 Group: F00-F99, Mental and behavioural disorders
Chronic depression
Also known as: ---
ICD10/11 Code: F33, ICD10/11 Group: F00-F99, Mental and behavioural disorders

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3/19/2021 | | 36moderated by Charlotte
Amitriptyline (25MG) for Chronic depression

worst drug,pure evil. mad me more depressesed. Earlier, I was prescribed 10 mg, then 25 mg, made my condition me worse. Should be banned immediately.
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6/15/2018 | | 39moderated by Charlotte
Duloxetine (60mg) for chronic depression

I'd like to know if there are any other women that take this medication that breastfeed. I am now 28 weeks pregnant.
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3/19/2018 | | 26moderated by Henry
Mirtazapine (30mg) for chronic depression

I have been using miratazapine 15mg a day for last 20 25 days...i felt no improvement in my depression and anxiety ...but i was hyper during the first week...and the sleep improved with vivid dreams...then 3 days back my dose was upped to 30 mg and the 3rd day after taking 30mg ,i felt so good less depressed ...for few hours and then again my depression came back ......i dont know it came bak ...
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1/26/2018 | | 54moderated by Henry
Sertraline (100mg) for chronic depression

Built up from 25mg to 50mg, and now to 100mg. 100mg works and now i don't have any bad thoughts in the morning after getting up. The only side effect for me is a dry mouth.
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9/22/2017 | | 57moderated by Charlotte
Pramipexole (3mg) for chronic depression

After trying all the traditional antidepressants to no avail, finally I have found a medication that works well, without many negative side effects. Unfortunately not so well known among the psychiatrists. Often prescribed for Parkinsons.
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9/22/2017 | | 62moderated by Charlotte
Mirtazapine (30mg) for chronic depression

Bad depression and even though I take the maximum dose of levetiracetam (=anti-epileptic) I was still prescribed mirtazapine without considering that it's a hefty sleep drug too.
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9/8/2017 | | 47moderated by Charlotte
Escitalopram (10mg) for chronic depression

After the Efexor debacle, a psychiatrist prescribed this medicine for me together with a dose of oxazepam "as needed" as well as a very intensive therapy this went really well and I've been taking this medicine for three years or so no without any problems.
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8/25/2017 | | 57moderated by Philip
Bupropion (150mg) for chronic depression

The first 3 weeks that i took this there was no effect and my symptoms got worse. Afterwards the symptoms got a little better. This medication does not take away your emotions. The only side effect seems to be some strange feeling around the mouth.
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7/26/2017 | | 43moderated by Susan
Venlafaxine (150mg) for chronic depression

I got Steven-Johnson syndrome as a side effect. Felt like I was looking through the eyes of someone else. Dissociation of body and mind, as in a nightmare.
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5/9/2017 | | 61moderated by Henry
Mirtazapine (30mg) for chronic depression

Effects began after about 4/5 weeks. Alongside headache and drowsiness, my vision has been affected! Most difficult in traffic. No exuberant moods or similar, but an improvement of my overall mood. If you are neutral then you would probably say this medicine has given me the best solutions, "miracle drugs" don't exist.
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4/18/2017 | | 43moderated by Charlotte
Imipramine (25mg) for chronic depression

I've been taking imipramine for a year now. It doesn't seem to be effective for me so the psychiatrist wants me to switch to parnate. Has anyone here had any experience of stopping their antidepressant and starting on parnate. Because you can't take anything for 2 weeks before you can start taking parnate. I'd really like to hear how this has gone.
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3/31/2017 | | 68moderated by Charlotte
Citalopram (20mg) for chronic depression

I started on 40 mg when I was suffering from a severe depression that had gone on for years. This medicine helped almost immediately. Now I can reduce it after a few years. So I have been taking 20 mg since last year and increase to 30 mg if my depression gets worse. If I hadn't have had this medicine, my life would have been incredibly hard indeed.
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11/8/2016 | | 45moderated by Philip
Escitalopram (10mg) for chronic depression

This drug works well, however 10 mg gives me continuous diarrhoea. That is why I use 5 mg, but it is still not ideal. I take it in combination with bupropion (Wellbutrin 150mg) to prevent loss of libido.
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7/22/2016 | | 47moderated by Susan
Paroxetine (20mg) for chronic depression

I've used paroxetine for many years. Simply because I've had few side effects (I think) whereas with the previous sort of antidepressants I did (primarily physical).
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6/18/2016 | | 28moderated by Henry
Clomipramine (75mg) for chronic depression

Did its job well for a number of years as an antidepressant. Certainly in comparison with just talking therapy and some SSRIs. It didn't work perfectly right away so I had to take lithium as well. This combination helped to make me less depressed and anxious, and I was also more energetic. It gave me the incentive I needed to get intensive cognitive therapy and to start doing things again. In t...
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5/21/2016 | | 53moderated by Charlotte
Venlafaxine (150mg) for chronic depression

This really helped me for the first few years, but the longer I used it my depressive tendencies started to come back, so I had to always increase the dose until I was on 300 mg and still depressed. It was so bad that I struggled to get through each day and was having destructive thoughts. That's why I switched to another medicine which did help me and that I'm now quite happy taking.
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4/29/2016 | | 36moderated by Susan
Paroxetine (10mg) for chronic depression

Started today on 10 mg. From 2002 to 2010 I used this, then switched to fluoxitine. In October last year I stopped taking this overnight and since January I've been depressed again, with anxiety and panic. Started fluoxitine again in February but the problems got worse so I stopped after 9 weeks. I find it quite stressful and I hope that it will start working again soon without any bad side eff...
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2/16/2016 | | 65moderated by Philip
Fluoxetine (20mg) for chronic depression

I never had any problems with Prozac alone but then my depression got really bad after stopping taking morphine too quickly after an operation and the Prozac wasn't enough any more and I had to take something else as well.
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2/3/2016 | | 34moderated by Henry
Trazodone (50mg) for chronic depression

My psychiatrist prescribed me trazodone because I sleep really badly. I also take a sedative (Lorazepam) but this doesn't help enough any more. Trazodone is the tenth sort of antidepressants I've tried. Unfortunately this medicine still doesn't have any effect on my mood. Luckily it does help with my sleep and I'm really happy about that. Now and then I have a day when I feel a bit dull and sle...
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2/2/2016 | | 45moderated by Philip
Venlafaxine (225) for chronic depression

after starting with 20 mg of paroxetine 15 years ago I noticed after a while that it wasn't effective any more, after visiting psychiatrist I was prescribed venlafaxine, initially 150 mg and after a year 225 mg, this has worked well up to now, as far as I'm concerned, despite the known side-effects of antidepressants, I combine the venlafaxine with tranxene 10 mg 3x a day.
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