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The independent platform for sharing experiences with medication

The independent platform for sharing experiences with medication


General information about your medication is usually found in the patient information leaflets and brochures published by the pharmaceutical industry. This information material concentrates on the side effects of the medication, but does very little to support the patient once they have started taking it (e.g. what side effects you are experiencing and are others experiencing them as well?) or if they ultimately want to switch to another drug. is an independent website which gives patients and their experiences of medication the importance they deserve. You can even give your own review on the drug(s) you are taking. You can also see the experiences of others, grouped by drug or condition. This allows you to quickly and easily compare medication in the same category.

With you get a picture of, among other things, overall satisfaction, effectiveness and side effects of a particular drug, and you may also find support in your search for a new or alternative drug. is a product of Insight Pharma Services BV.