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Also known as:
ICD10/11 Code: J12-J18
ICD10/11 Group: J00-J99, Diseases of the respiratory system
Also known as: ---
ICD10/11 Code: J12-J18, ICD10/11 Group: J00-J99, Diseases of the respiratory system

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07/08/2017 | | 62moderated by Henry
amoxicillin trihydrate (250mg) for pneumonia

I was given this medicine after I'd had a fever and a lung infection. I started taking it straight away and because, a few hours later, I started getting pain between my fingers, I went to bed because I wasn't feeling good. When I woke up and looked at my hands, I saw that between my fingers I had really bad, big blisters. So I went to the GP straight away and I was given something else instead.
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09/11/2016 | | 59moderated by Susan
beclometasone dipropionate, formoterol fumarate dihydrate (1957) for pneumonia

After contracting pneumonia several times in a row my specialist prescribed Foster. It worked. No pneumonia any more! I am happy with this result, however the side effects are many: heavy muscles cramps, pressure on my head after every inhalation, loss of taste, depression symptoms. Not feeling up to doing anything. Now I use Forstair 1 to 2 times a week as maintenance and when I feel a cold co...
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05/06/2016 | | 73moderated by Henry
trimethoprim, sulfamethoxazole (160/800mg) for pneumonia

I'm not sure if this medicine is helping. was prescribed it by the respiratory consultant because of a chest infection and pulmonary embolism. Taking these tablets isn't a problem for me. The worst thing is the mild metallic taste I get with everything I eat and drink. I've been taking this medicine I've had pain on the backs of my calves which has been getting worse and makes it difficult for ...
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Codeine Phosphate

15/05/2016 | | 47moderated by Susan
codeine phosphate (10mg) for pneumonia

I was nauseous and had really bad pain on my chest by my breastbone and it was like I was short of breath. I've stopped taking it now
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