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Also known as:
ICD10 Code: L50
ICD10 Group: L00-L99, Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
Also known as: Hives
ICD10 Code: L50, ICD10 Group: L00-L99, Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

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6/11/2019 | | 6moderated by Henry
Cetirizine (10MG) for Urticaria

It started with a coughing and a moderate fever and the second day a strange rash was appearing. The rash was kind of moving, not at the same spot and very itchy on the feet and hands. The doctor told me he had a viral infection that triggered hives. about an hour after one tablet of Zyrtec the rash and itch disappeared. We have used it for a week and it did not come back after we stoppped usin...
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9/6/2017 | | 37
Ranitidine (300mg) for urticaria

Cimetidine was temporarily not/inconveniently available and therefore in consultation with Dermatologist Ranitadine will use as H2 antagonist in combination with Mizollen as H1 antagonist (due to severe chronic hives). The effect left to be desired (severe outbreaks of hives), but I decided to continue to swallow it for lack of better. After a few weeks I got an increase in side effects until I...
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5/23/2016 | | 52moderated by Susan
Omalizumab (150mg/ml) for urticaria

Since the end of January 2016 I've had chronic urticaria, about 15 years ago I was diagnosed with lupus. For the urticaria up to now I've had two injections of 150 ml xolair (2x 75 ml a month), up to now no effect. Are there other users who only noticed an effect after the third or fourth injection? Apart from that I also take one tablet of loratadine a day. For the time being I've had to stop ...
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