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Also known as:
ICD10/11 Code: U99
ICD10/11 Group: U00-U85, Codes for special purposes
Also known as: ---
ICD10/11 Code: U99, ICD10/11 Group: U00-U85, Codes for special purposes

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5/30/2017 | | 36moderated by Charlotte
Amitriptyline (75 mg) for polyneuropathy

Had a large tumour in my bowels which need chemo (capox) after the operation. They were in the form of tablets (capecitabine) and an infusion (oxiplatin). Chemo is always awful. But I put up with all 8 and now I've got nerve damage in my hands and feet. The amitriptyline has made me gain weight and I find it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings even when the alarm doesn't go off until 1...
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1/23/2017 | | 34moderated by Henry
Morphine (10mg) for polyneuropathy

After several operations for discus hernia (low back), I have chronic nerve pain affecting both legs. 4yrs neuromodulation ended after an infection and I had to start medication (Durogesic 50 µg en 5x 10mg msdirect per day).
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1/1/2017 | | 67moderated by Charlotte
Gabapentin (800mg) for polyneuropathy

I get neuropathy because of chemo and had to reduce the dose of taxol (chemo). And nothing has changed, went to the neurologist, and was given another medicine to try, but she can't do anything more to help me, so I have to persevere with Gabapentin. My question is, is there a better drug for neuropathy. I had tried amitriptyline cream but it totally didn't help. I'm afraid that if I stop with ...
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5/8/2016 | | 43moderated by Susan
Pregabalin (150mg) for polyneuropathy

I have been diagnosed with small fibre neuropathy and polyneuropathy. There are all kinds of different symptoms, but the most common were the varying kinds of pain. I took tramadol and paracetamol on advice from the GP. With insufficient results. I went to the neurologist and there I was prescribed lyrica. To start off with, 75 mg twice a day, but that didn't seem to have any effect. The dose w...
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4/10/2016 | | 34moderated by Charlotte
Pregabalin (150mg) for polyneuropathy

Excellent medicine in terms of effectiveness, but quite a few side effects which don't really go away in long term use which is less than desirable because I need it for the long term. However fantastic pain relief effect.
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4/10/2016 | | 34moderated by Henry
Gabapentin (300mg) for polyneuropathy

Used to use Lyrica for neuropathic pain (nerve pain in my leg) in combination with amitriptylline and oxycodon. Now taking gabapentine in combination with methadone (and, if needed, oxycodon and amitriptylline in a low dose) instead of the Lyrica and although we're looking for the right levels, (lyrica suppresses more strongly and better) it seems to have fewer, and fewer serious, side effects ...
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3/7/2016 | | 55moderated by Philip
Morphine (30mg) for polyneuropathy

Given that I also take oxycodone, I don't really know if this makes a difference, the times I don't take it, I don't notice but I think that because it's a controlled substance.
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11/24/2015 | | 51moderated by Philip
Pregabalin (75mg) for polyneuropathy

there are side effects but as long as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages I'll keep taking this. I am able to move as good as pain-free again.
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