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Also known as:
ICD10/11 Code: I10
ICD10/11 Group: I00-I99, Diseases of the circulatory system
High blood pressure
Also known as: hypertension
ICD10/11 Code: I10, ICD10/11 Group: I00-I99, Diseases of the circulatory system

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6/1/2023 | | 71moderated by Charlotte
Amlodipine (2.5) for High blood pressure

im writing for my wife: got the drug 3 1/2 weeks... has not stopped coughing since. Spent 5 hours in emergency room... now going to her doctors to give her a piece of my mind amlodipine is not for her she cannot get any sleep at all... all she does is cough all the time.
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2/18/2018 | | 81moderated by Charlotte
Amlodipine (5mg) for high blood pressure

I've used this twice so far. The first time i had troublesome side effects, but it's not clear to me if it was from my other medication or this. My blood pressure is now down to normal after taking it for 14 days.
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10/29/2017 | | 64moderated by Philip
Perindopril (8mg) for high blood pressure

Everything has gone well through the years. This is definitely something that i want more of but i can't. Probably has something to do with old age.
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10/7/2017 | | 50moderated by Charlotte
Bisoprolol (5mg) for high blood pressure

low heart rate for the first few days, fatigued and listless, couldn't ride my bike. Decided to halve my dose myself and progressively increased it based on my own experience as a nurse. Haven't got any symptoms any more and I'm really happy.
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10/1/2017 | | 51moderated by Charlotte
Simvastatin (20mg) for high blood pressure

As soon as I started taking this medication, I started getting a lot of joint pain in the mornings, especially in my legs: ankles and knees.
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9/23/2017 | | 38moderated by Henry
Enalapril (5mg) for high blood pressure

Terrible medicine. Wasn't even taking it for a month and I can't even list all the side effects. Putting on more and more weight. Decided to stop taking it today!
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9/20/2017 | | 51moderated by Henry
Candesartan (4mg) for high blood pressure

I have atacand for my blood pressure, but the odd side effect is that I get a nagging pain on the LHS of my chest. I wonder if anyone else has this same problem.
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9/18/2017 | | 57moderated by Henry
Nifedipine (60mg) for high blood pressure

Been on this for a few days. Now got bad back ache, stomach pain, headache. Stopped taking this poison immediately. Made me feel really sick. Does anyone know of a better drug?
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9/16/2017 | | 57moderated by Charlotte
Metoprolol (200mg) for high blood pressure

Because of TIAs and high BP, I've been on metoprolol for years, starting with once a day on 100 mg most recently up to 200 mg. I'm always tired, my BP is getting higher, I'm unsettled, not sleeping well. Does anyone else have experience with this and is there a better drug for reducing BP without other symptoms?
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9/13/2017 | | 45moderated by Henry
Amlodipine (5mg) for high blood pressure

The only bad thing about Amlodipine Accord is that the tablets are quite rough and are difficult to swallow. This meant that after taking them I had a bit of a sore throat.
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9/6/2017 | | 70
Amlodipine (5mg) for high blood pressure

Treatment of an average hypertension for about five years. No side effect or difference between the generic and Amlor. 100% satisfaction.
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9/5/2017 | | 50
Amlodipine / valsartan (5/80mg) for high blood pressure

I have no more tension but very handicapping side effects: Total loss of libido, difficulties in maintaining an erection all accompanied by permanent fatigue.
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7/22/2017 | | 49moderated by Philip
Irbesartan (75mg) for high blood pressure

Blood pressure lowered with 75 points to 130/79. At first a lot of itching and not feeling well. That subsided. I still have a terrible cough that won't go away. Before this I used an ACE inhibitor, that made me cough as well. very irritating.
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4/24/2017 | | 56moderated by Susan
Amlodipine (5mg) for high blood pressure

I was prescribed this because my blood pressure was still extremely high (over 230). And it does what it's supposed to do: my blood pressure has gone back down to normal. But I have definitely noticed the side effects, worst of all fatigue. This should have gone away by now, after 4 weeks, but it hasn't. On top of that I have now also always got cold hands (which I never had before, never even...
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4/20/2017 | | 47moderated by Susan
Enalapril (10mg) for high blood pressure

I had this medicine for 3 months. I had to cough more often, that’s the only side effect I noticed at first. More side effects appeared after a while (shortness of breath, fatigue, stomach ache, painful legs). I was quite fit before, but this medicine made it hard to keep up walking and running. Without this medicine I’m once again able to keep up with my running group. Now I’m taking Amplodipi...
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4/17/2017 | | 74moderated by Susan
Atenolol (50mg) for high blood pressure

taken medicines for years (TIA). Blood pressure stayed steady at 120/80. Recently started taking atenolol 50 mg because my blood pressure increased to 188/90. After two weeks it sank down to 144/50.
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4/16/2017 | | 66moderated by Henry
Spironolactone (50mg) for high blood pressure

The cardiologist gave me 2 x 50 mg without looking at the other medicines I was taking. One week later I was in intensive care with three infusions and seven people fighting for my life. My potassium level was at 6.9 (lethal) and my blood pressure was 80/40. Humph.
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3/25/2017 | | 60moderated by Philip
Enalapril (5mg) for high blood pressure

Blood pressure is now stable at 140/90 (was 190/110). Really irritated eyes, blurred vision - not all the time but changeable. I did stop for a while 4 weeks ago and it did seem to get a bit better. But when I restarted it got worse again.
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1/25/2017 | | 74moderated by Charlotte
Lisinopril (10mg) for high blood pressure

I got this pill for high blood pressure. Causes a tickle cough, very annoying, especially when it’s not known as a side effect.
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