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Also known as:
ICD10 Code: I00-I99
ICD10 Group: I00-I99, Diseases of the circulatory system
Heart pain
Also known as: heart
ICD10 Code: I00-I99, ICD10 Group: I00-I99, Diseases of the circulatory system

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2/9/2018 | | 70moderated by Susan
Bisoprolol (2,5mg) for heart pain

Aurobindois given in tablet form 2., 5 mg, they can not be broken. I like to pulverize uneven halves. I now happily use the bisoprolol from Sandoz again.
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9/1/2017 | | 57
Perindopril (2mg) for heart pain

I have gotten Perindopril after an open heart surgery (2x bypass). A little tickle cough, about two to three times a day, for half a minute. And in the morning when waking up a very dry mouth. Keep it full.
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5/10/2017 | | 18moderated by Henry
Metoprolol (100mg) for heart pain

Started on 25 mg, but that didn't help so quickly increased to 50 mg, this was also hardly effective at all so then I was on 100 mg. really suffered with the side effects, including extreme tiredness, breathlessness, skin rash, mood swings, cold hands and feet, discolouration of hands, unsettled etc.
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4/21/2017 | | 71moderated by Philip
Metoprolol (25mg) for heart pain

After an angioplasty in 2005, I have 25 mg metoprolol every day. Up to now I haven't experienced one single side effect.
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4/16/2017 | | 70moderated by Charlotte
Clopidogrel (75mg) for heart pain

I had a stent put in and afterwards I had to take this medicine for a year. All of my muscles were painful and caused me to sleep poorly. Are there better medicines out there, like Plavix. Would be good to know.
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5/4/2016 | | 65moderated by Philip
Amlodipine (10mg) for heart pain

Heart and blood vessels. I don't believe that this medicine is the right one for me to use too many side effects which last for too long with increasingly worsening side effects. I started off with another medicine that I used perfectly fine for 5 years. But that medicine, in combination with a lumbar puncture (hernia) pain clinic, gave me an allergic reaction which meant I had to switch to Am...
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