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18/08/2018 | | 48moderated by Susan
sertraline hydrochloride (50mg) for anxiety disorder

I was changed from citalopram to setraline. Started at 25mg for 2 weeks the up to 50mg. At present not feeling great anxiety bad and feeling low too. Tearful, feeling of worthlessness. Out of work due to anxiety and just want to start feeling human again. This is my 3rd week. Just hoping I start to feel better soon. Can anyone help?

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26/08/2018 moderated by Charlotte
Hi, my son has been on sertraline for about 5 years, he has severe anxiety and OCD, non verbal autistic. It was life changing for him, he was started on 25mg of the brand name Lustral sertraline, he was able to enjoy life without ocd and anxiety dominating every hour of the day. Over time his dose was increased, and he did go through some difficult periods. One time a dramatic change happened literally overnight he became extremely anxiouse, self harming and severe OCD with aggression, completely out of character, after racking our brains as to the cause, I realized the change coincided with starting a different brand of sertraline called auribindo, after researching the internet i found many others had a problem with this generic brand which is made in india. I insisted that the psychologist wrote lustral on his prescription for consistency. We are told the active ingredient is the same, but the other ingredients are just as important as they effect the rate of absorption. You may not be able to have lustral put on your prescription, you may find other generic brands that work well for you, one generic brand that my son had that seemed to work as well as lustral was a british manufacturer called Fannin (UK) Ltd. One other thing I will suggest, when you find the brand that works for you, try to keep a week's worth in hand, so then if you are taking a different brand and you start feeling very anxious and you don't know why, you can stop the unknown brand and take the one you kept in hand that worked, so you can be sure then if it's you or if it was caused by a different brand of sertraline. Sorry to be long winded, hope I have helped a little, and hope things improve for you very soon :-)

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