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10/08/2020 | | 47moderated by Henry
Rivaroxaban (20MG) for Vascular disorders of intestine

I started taking Warfarin and took it for 12 months. Then I switched to Xarelto and took it for about 10 months. This summer as temperature hot more hot I started having major rashes kind of like Jock Itch. I felt like a dog scratching non stop. I thought it was my water filter, the detergent, my underwear, you name it. I purchased medication, changed my clothing. The Xarelto was causing these big painful pimples around my crotch area. After doing all that I figured it was Xarelto causing this. I experienced terrible symptoms for about three months. Sure it was, right after I stopped taking Xarelto a week later all the itching was completely gone! Thank God! Second side effects I started feeling: Lots of joint pain in my wrists and knees. Don't trust these newer medications I'm just going back to Warfarin. Is simply safe and reliable It has been for a long time from what I've been told. Why fix what's not broken.

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