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28/04/2016 | | 52moderated by Henry
beclometasone dipropionate, formoterol fumarate dihydrate (100/6 mg) for dyspnoea

Asthma, bronchial used Foster for 2 years, 2x2 puffs a day. Last month I needed to take it 3 times a day. Last week I forgot to take it one day and I felt really well. I haven't used it for 5 days now. Overnight increased rate of breathing but nothing I can't manage. So is this even necessary?? Despite the fact that it definitely has helped me, I am seriously wondering if my continued use is actually the reason behind my coughing and shortness of breath. After each puff I always needed to cough. Also, you don't really know when it's run out which is annoying as you can think you've taken it, but it's just propellant you've inhaled.

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