Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

The Website (hereinafter: "Website") is the property of Insight Pharma Services BV (hereinafter: "IPS"). By visiting this Website or by making use of the information that is published here, you agree with these terms and conditions and waive the right to any and all claims against IPS and its employees which may result from your use of this Website and/or its Content. Content includes but is not limited to all texts, images, editorial material, photos, illustrations and other graphic material, names, logos, trademarks and service marks.

Exclusion of liabilities

Although the utmost care and attention is paid to the Content it is nevertheless possible that there may be errors by omission. Content is written in summary form, mostly refers to registered drugs and is certainly not exhaustive. It is not a substitute for a consultation or treatment from your doctor, but as a source of general information. No diagnostic or therapeutic value can be derived from the Content. IPS is not responsible or liable for any direct and/or indirect damages of any nature whatsoever which may result from or are in any way connected with your visit to this Website, or the temporary inability to access this Website. Nor is IPS responsible or liable for any direct or indirect damages which arise from the use of the Content. IPS is thus not liable for the effectiveness of the products discussed, content of the information, descriptions of the treatment methods and other textual descriptions on this Website, nor can any guarantees be given for them.
All statements that forum members or visitors (hereinafter jointly: "Visitors") make on the Website are the sole responsibility of that Visitor. The Visitor guarantees that the information (s)he places on the Website is correct, accurate and not misleading. The Visitor guarantees that in placing information on the Website (s)he is not infringing on the rights of others nor otherwise acting unlawfully towards third parties.
The statements and/or responses posted on the Website by the Visitors solely represent the opinion of the Visitors and not that of IPS. IPS reserves the right to remove any reviews or reactions of the Visitors from the Website if and insofar as the Visitors are responsible for improper use by the dissemination of offensive and/or bad language. Posting threatening, abusive, defamatory, immoral or otherwise illegal content on this Website, or the sending of threatening, abusive, defamatory, immoral or otherwise illegal content from this Website is prohibited. IPS may at any time and as it sees fit remove messages in which abusive, defamatory, discriminatory, obscene or otherwise unacceptable language or false information is forwarded.
On this Website there are possible links or references to third party websites over which IPS has no control. IPS is in no way responsible for the content of links to such third party websites. The links to these websites are only provided as a convenience and should not be construed as an endorsement of the content or the provider of the linked website by IPS. IPS is in no way liable for the content or practices of the third parties to which these websites link.

Intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise stated, all content is the property of IPS and/or its associated subsidiaries or licensors. All rights of intellectual property, including but not limited to copyright, trademarks and database right in the Content are held exclusively by IPS or its licensors. The Content may only be used for informal, personal and individual use. You are not permitted to reproduce, disclose, forward, disseminate, alter, supplement, copy, publish, broadcast or circulate (any parts of) the Content.


All data or material/information, including but not limited to suggestions, views, comments, ideas or observations, which you submit to IPS will be disclosed by IPS and deemed non-confidential, and IPS is legally entitled to make unlimited use of it for any possible purpose whether or not commercial, without being liable for any costs to the originator.
This disclaimer is subject to the Dutch law.

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