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Also known as:
ICD10/11 Code: F84.0
ICD10/11 Group: F00-F99, Mental and behavioural disorders
Also known as: ---
ICD10/11 Code: F84.0, ICD10/11 Group: F00-F99, Mental and behavioural disorders

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7/28/2018 | | 33moderated by Susan
Olanzapine (10mg) for autism

Anxiety and autism complaints. Medication works pretty well. i dont have sleeping problems anymore like i did when i first started taking it. side effects: huge weight gain and i feel flat. other then that the medication does its job.
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6/27/2018 | | 22moderated by Susan
Olanzapine (10mg) for autism

my bucket is filling up quickly due to my autism. I've been to a specialist and they offered this medication. I was hesitant at first, but i'm happy that i started taking it.
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10/8/2017 | | 19moderated by Susan
Risperidone (3mg) for autism

I've been taking this medicine since I was 2 1/2. 1 mg in the morning and 1.5 mg in the evening. Recently switched to 3 mg in the evening because I've recently been getting anxiety. So the specialist decided to double my dose. But now I've got lots of pimples, acid reflux, and I'm often tired during the day.
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7/21/2016 | | 38moderated by Henry
Olanzapine (2,5mg) for autism

medicine helps with suppressing anxieties and compulsive thoughts. Got a lot heavier really quickly and that's really annoying.
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6/11/2016 | | 44moderated by Charlotte
Sertraline (25mg) for autism

I've always tried to cope with my depression myself through exercise, walking, eating healthily, not drinking, taking vitamins, meditating, therapy/training and 12-step programmes. The psychiatrist advised an SSRI and sertraline seem to be the right drug. However, my moods quickly flattened out and all of a sudden, after years, I suddenly developed obsessive thoughts of self-harm and suicide. I...
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4/19/2016 | | 30moderated by Philip
Risperidone (0,5mg) for autism

Side effects: constipation (for which I use movicolon with sparkling water and lemon), in the beginning I had a dry mouth, but that's gone away now, weight gain (which I keep under control with exercise and calorie counting with the app Fatsecret. also eat sugar-free, after a while without sugar, fruit and veg start tasting really lush). With risperdal I have more distance and fewer disturbance...
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4/10/2016 | | 9moderated by Charlotte
Risperidone (2mg) for autism

on 1st feb my 9-year-old daughter started taking risperidon for her autism with hearing problems. slowly increased to 2 mg. but still constant pain with headaches and just not feeling right. at the same time as starting she started getting compulsive thoughts (which are now so bad in the evenings that all she can do is cry that she can't cope). lowered the dose to 1 mg on my own initiative comp...
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