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Also known as:
ICD10/11 Code: I70
ICD10/11 Group: I00-I99, Diseases of the circulatory system
Also known as: ---
ICD10/11 Code: I70, ICD10/11 Group: I00-I99, Diseases of the circulatory system

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3/3/2018 | | 67moderated by Susan
Clopidogrel (75mg) for atherosclerosis

Prescribed when i was in the hospital after 9 years of Asasantin after a cerebral infarction. One a day instead of two like before. Got it prescribed after trouble with my right leg, ive already lost my left and at my age it's just a waiting game.
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3/26/2017 | | 61moderated by Charlotte
Simvastatin (40mg) for atherosclerosis

I have got a severe form of atherosclerosis, had 3 heart attacks, possibly even more than tat, and at the moment I've got an aneurysm in my stomach that's now about 5 cm.
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3/25/2017 | | 65moderated by Charlotte
Pravastatin (10mg) for atherosclerosis

My experience is that of going to the toilet a lot at night. It is stated in the patient information leaflet but maybe more users have also had this unpleasant experience; and not being able to sleep through and then being tired when you do have to get up?
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5/13/2016 | | 62moderated by Charlotte
Dabigatran (110mg) for atherosclerosis

had acenocoumarol for two years, my whole body shook, went to hospital, couldn't find anything. From Jan 2016 had eliquis, the shakes went. From 3 May on pradaxa 110 mg, and the shakes began again. 10 May stopped, shakes gone again. what's going on?
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5/9/2016 | | 46moderated by Philip
Perindopril (2mg) for atherosclerosis

After I'd had an angioplasty and was still having problems, like my heart sounding hollow after exercise, I was prescribed this medicine by the cardiologist. When I went to get it from the pharmacy, I heard from one of the assistants that one of its side effects was a dry cough, and I'd be lucky not to develop one. I didn't get any kind of cough but after I'd been taking it for 15 days, the pen...
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12/13/2015 | | 60moderated by Susan
Rosuvastatin (20mg) for atherosclerosis

I had really bad problems, mostly pain in my lower back, shoulder and arms. About 14 days ago stopped taking crestor and after a few days the pain had about tripled as well as moved to my hands. It's now a constant pain. Could well be withdrawal symptoms Anyone recognise this?
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11/12/2015 | | 69moderated by Henry
Clopidogrel (75mg) for atherosclerosis

Because I've had an operation on my carotid artery, I have to take clopidogrel 75A for the rest of my life. I've got diarrhoea, coughing fits and I'm short of breath when I walk or cycle. The itching wasn't fun either. After I had the branded Teva, I got an unbranded version and the problems got worse. My GP has now prescribed me Plavix, it's more expensive and the most popular at my insurers. ...
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10/15/2015 | | 70moderated by Susan
Simvastatin (40mg) for atherosclerosis

I was reading stuff on this site and I was truly terrified when I saw what simvastatine can do to a person. It's making me cough my lungs up since the operation. (My aorta was replaced in 2012 and that's why I have Simvastatin Actavis 40 mg). Can anyone give me any advice?
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